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Buying groceries, standing in line, cooking and cleaning up are all staples of traditional meal prep routines. For a lot of folks, that’s just not an option... Luckily for us Trifecta sat down with us and created affordable foods that align easily with people’s calorie and macro goals.
- Nick Shaw, CEO RP

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About Trifecta
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About Trifecta

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Ready to eat organic food designed specifically for RP clients in our A La Carte section. Grass fed premium meats like Steak, Chicken, Bison, and wild caught fish like Salmon and Ahi Tuna. Use the numbers from your templates to calculate the A La Carte food required to fit your macros:

You Choose

Choose you proteins, carbs, and veggies. All Proteins are grass fed, free range, or wild-caught. Change or cancel your order anytime.

We Deliver

We offer FREE express shiping directly to your home or work. Flexible deliveries from every week, every other week, to once a month.

You Enjoy

Open your box and enjoy fresh, organic, helthy meals! Keep meals refrigerated for up to two weeks or frozen for up to 6 months.


All food is 100% organic, gluten free, and ethically sourced.
100% Gluten Free
Diary free
Soy free
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