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Whole30 Approved Meal Delivery

The stress-free way to eat Whole30!


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"I placed my first Trifecta order one year ago, and it was an instant a game-changer for our busy household. I use their a la carte bases like shredded chicken or salmon as a protein base for quick meal prep, and throw in a few pre-made meals so I can make quick lunches between Zoom calls. Having a variety of hearty, satisfying Whole30 options in the fridge makes it so easy to stick to my healthy eating plan, and gives me back a few hours every week in meal prep, cooking, and clean-up.”

- Whole30 CEO & Co-Founder, Melissa Urban

Melissa Urban Whole 30


Whole30 Approved meals delivered weekly!

Enjoy all the health benefits of Whole30 without the meal prep and dishes.


Nationwide Shipping

Trifecta’s mission is to help get America back into shape. And we want everyone in America to have easy access to farm-fresh food that lets them lead their best life. We ship all our zero gluten meals to any address in all 50 states.


Skip Weeks

Enjoy flexibility with your subscription by skipping weeks or going biweekly! We ask that you make the change in your account or reach out to us the Friday before your next scheduled delivery - here's how!


Cancel Anytime

Need to change up your meal plan, skip weeks, or pause your delivery? No problem! You can easily make changes to order in the account section of the website or in our app. Or if you need to cancel your subscription, just chat, email, or call us at any time! 

Shop our Whole30 Approved meal plan.

Embarking on a Whole30 can feel like a big shift from your regular eating habits and it may seem challenging to go it alone. Trifecta has you covered

Simplify the switch with Whole30 Approved meal delivery that takes care of the hard stuff, with a fully cooked menu of nutritious real foods delivered right to your door.  

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What goes into Trifecta's Whole30 meals?

Eat real food and stick to Whole30 without having to sacrifice your time and energy.


Each meal is designed to give you what you need, filled with quality Whole30 ingredients like grass-fed meat, sustainably caught seafood, and organic produce in just the right amounts. It can be hard to know how much and exactly what you're eating but with Trifecta, we make it easy. Whole30 meal delivery, it couldn't be easier.  

Not sure how to piece together what you can eat on Whole30 into a meal? We have chefs and dietitians on our team that create Paleo recipes compatible with Whole30 that will help you stay on track and enjoy the process.  

Our Whole30 options change from week to week offering variety to keep you from getting bored with your meals. 

Our Whole30 Approved plan focuses on whole foods filled with the nutrition you need to feel your best. 

All of our meals are have nutrition labels to allow you to see just what's inside. 

Whole30 is about relearning what nutritious food looks like without focusing on weight loss or the scale and listening to your body and how it makes you feel.