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Trifecta’s mission is to help get America back into shape. And we want everyone in America to have easy access to farm-fresh food that lets them lead their best life. We ship all our zero gluten meals direct to your door in all 50 states.


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We know other companies offer food delivery. You're free to choose but there is a right choice. We're so confident that our prepared meal delivery, is the most delicious, healthy and fresh available, we'll refund up to 7 meals or $119 of your first food order (within 10 days of receipt).


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Need to change up your meal plan, skip weeks, or pause your delivery? No problem! You can easily make changes to order in the account section of the website or in our app. Or if you need to cancel your subscription, just chat, email, or call us at any time! 

The healthiest way to live gluten free.

Eliminate gluten without having to sacrifice nutrition or taste.


Stuck in a rut with your typical gluten free meal options? Our nutrition trained chefs and registered dietitian specialize in developing delicious dishes using the most nutritious ingredients.

Our menu options change every week, with a wide variety of healthy, zero gluten options that keep your diet exciting and interesting.

Our recipes provide all the essential micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals, and macronutrients like protein with naturally gluten free products.

And all of our meals are portion controlled and packed with nutrition to fuel your body with better calorie control. Nutritional information and ingredients are printed clearly on each label for easy tracking.

Each meal is portion controlled for one serving and packed with nutrition to fuel your body with better calorie control. We use evidenced-based nutrition to provide the most balanced approach to each eating style. Nutritional information is printed clearly on each label for easy tracking.

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Whole30 Salmon


Gluten Free


Our science backed recipes use only the highest quality produce for Whole30 dieting made simple.

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Gluten Free Clean Eating Meal


Gluten Free

Clean Eating

Feel your best by eliminating processed foods, refined ingredients, and all gluten from your whole foods diet.

Shop Clean Eating
Gluten Free Paleo Meal


Gluten Free


Follow a classic paleo diet that eliminates all gluten, dairy, and soy from the menu without sacrificing good nutrition.

Shop Paleo
Gluten Free Vegan Meal


Gluten Free


A nutritionally balanced, 100% plant based meal plan that is made with natural grains, veggies, and meat alternatives.

Shop Vegan
Gluten Free Vegetarian Meal


Gluten Free


Enjoy quality plant based nutrition from whole grains, veggies, and vegetarian proteins.

Shop Vegetarian
Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread


Gluten Free

Meal Prep Ingredients

Pick and choose your favorite proteins, grains, and vegetables to customize your weekly meal prep menu.

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About Our Gluten-Free Meals

At Trifecta, we know removing gluten from your diet is not always a choice. That’s why all of our meal plans are free of gluten—and always have been.

Our food is free from all gluten-containing ingredients to ensure your meals are safe and delicious. We also accommodate other common allergens and food preferences with our dairy-free and peanut-free options.

Enjoy ready to eat meals every week.

Living with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease can be a major inconvenience and it sometimes seems like avoiding gluten in the real world is impossible.

Plan your diet the easy way with a healthy meal delivery service that takes care of the hard stuff, like planning a menu free of gluten, cooking all of your meals, and then delivering them right to your door. 

So you can sit back and enjoy fresh cooked meals every week for nearly zero contact convenience.


What's in Trifecta's gluten free meals?

Trifecta's meal delivery offers the best nutrition with total convenience.

Gluten Free Ingredients

Many non-gluten products can be heavily processed and lacking in nutrition. Our menu uses only the highest quality whole food ingredients that are naturally free from gluten. None of our meals contain any wheat, rye, barley, or processed gluten ingredients.

Nutritious Whole Foods

Our meals are minimally processed and nutritionally balanced to provide you safe and healthy options to eat. All meals are made with whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods like fresh veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

Fresh Organic Ingredients

Gluten isn’t the only thing you won’t find in your order. We’ve got strict standards when it comes to our sourcing. Every dish is made from scratch in our kitchen using non-GMO, organic ingredients sourced directly from our farmers.


Humanely Raised Proteins

Our company was founded by animal lovers which is why we choose to only feature animal products raised with high-quality nutrition in environments that encourage natural behavior, ensuring quality of life and emotional well-being.

Grass Fed Meat

Our beef, elk, venison, and bison receive most nutrients from grass making it leaner than typical corn-fed animals. They never receive antibiotics and have continuous, free access to the outside throughout their life.

Sustainable Seafood

Our fisheries ensure the fish population can remain productive and healthy. The well-being of the oceans and the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities are our top priority.

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Get the support you need to reach your goals!

In addition to food, we offer complimentary coaching and tools.

Our friendly team of nutrition coaches are here to take your questions, keep you motivated, and make adjustments to your meal plan in a world free from gluten. 


Train in the real world with the tools of the 21st century. Trifecta's free mobile app can help you track calories and macros, log millions of food choices, and find inspiration with the latest workouts.

Working on your health goals is so much easier when you've got others in your corner. Our global community of Trifecta customers offers the needed support of real people and a place where you're free to share in the successes and challenges of eliminating gluten from your life.

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Real Trifecta Customer Transformations

Learn how Trifecta customers found success free from gluten.

Gluten Free Meal Transformation


"I’m eating healthier, I have more energy, and I'm more active."


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Danny C.

Incredible on all fronts! The meals are very well prepped and seasoned. My overall experience with Trifecta and their team has been truly above any other meal prep service currently available online. 

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Aleksandr T.

I'm currently on their clean meal plan, and the variety of flavors and quality are really awesome. The portions are perfect and I am now hitting my macros fairly consistently, and have dropped about 12 pounds in the time I started using Trifecta.

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Michael D.

With Trifecta, I'm getting a prepped, healthy meal every day and I don't need to stress about finding food right now in the middle of serious pandemic. Thank you again.