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Who Should Join?

If you own a business that could benefit from helping people improve their nutrition, then Trifecta has the program for you. Being part of the Trifecta community will enable you to provide your members, clients, team, or staff with the healthy, macro-balanced options that will help them reach their goals. This program offers an additional revenue stream while providing a solution from the nation's most trusted meal delivery service.

You can't out-train a bad diet! Help your audience achieve their ultimate transformation goals with nutrition that supports their hard work in and out of the gym. 

Support your staff in achieving total wellness with ready-to-eat healthy meals that will save them time and stress.

Help your team reach their peak performance goals with expert-created and science-backed meal plans used by thousands of professional athletes.   

Make it easier for your clients to stick to their goals and improve their nutrition with healthy, ready-to-eat meals that taste great. 

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Benefits of the Trifecta affiliate program

Competitive Commissions. 
Earn commission on all qualifying sales generated by links to our store and get real-time conversion tracking on your unique dashboard. 

Impactful Campaigns.
Performance-led ad campaigns will help you promote Trifecta to your audience and elevate your brand. 

Stay in the know.
Unlock exclusive access to Trifecta's resources dashboard and downloadable assets. This keeps you up to date on nutrition, fitness, new products, promotions, and news.

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