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The best meal prep on earth.

Get the organic meal prep top athletes rely on to hit their fitness goals. Take control of your nutrition with Trifecta meal delivery.



Time Saving
Skip the market and get your time back. Our fully cooked meals mean no more shopping, waiting in line, cooking and cleaning.


Touchless Delivery
Delivered to your door with your health and safety at heart. Learn more about our response to COVID-19. 


Fresher Food
We have a streamlined 3-stage “farm to fork" supply chain. The time from farmer to you is the fastest in the food industry.

Save on the meal system top athletes count on.



Enjoy our balanced approach to clean eating with whole grains, lean proteins, and veggies – without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Perfect for a wide variety of diets, clean meals are free from dairy, gluten, and soy and low in sodium.

CLEAN - Personalized Macro Profile
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Keep your appetite in check with our lowest carb meal plan. The keto diet promotes weight loss with satiating healthy fats, grass-fed meats, and wild-caught seafood.

KETO - Personalized Macro Profile
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Simplify your diet with high-protein paleo meals. Each nutritious meal includes organic seasonal veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. These low-calorie and high protein meals support weight loss without sacrificing good nutrition.

PALEO - Personalized Macro Profile
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Go 100% plant-based and animal-free! Heart-healthy and fiber-rich vegan meals with macro-balance in mind – containing high amounts of plant-based protein.

VEGAN - Personalized Macro Profile
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1. Where does Trifecta deliver?

Trifecta delivers everywhere in the United States, with flat $9.99 shipping to all states excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Some states require sales tax to be added to your order, so depending on where you live, you may see an additional tax added to your order total. 

2. What's the Trifecta Money-Back guarantee?

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first order for up to 10 meals or $119 of a la carte food. Simply contact our customer success heroes within 10 days of your delivery via call, chat or email and they’ll take care of the rest.

3. Is Trifecta packaging recyclable?

Yes! Currently, you can recycle our box, panels, ice packs, and meal trays in most cities. Our goal is to achieve 100% biodegradable standards in 2021 by implementing biodegradable corn packaging.

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