Keto Macros Calculating & Tracking Success Guide

Learn how to master a keto diet. Starter guide to help you cut carbs, burn fat, and track results.




What Should My Macros Be on Keto?

Learn your macros in just a few minutes, using this keto macro calculator. 

Keto Diet Macros Explained


“Macros” or macronutrients in food include carbohydrates, protein, and fat. They are where all of your calories come from and can each play a unique role in supporting your health and fitness goals.

The typical macro ratio for keto looks like the following:

5% of calories coming from carbs

25% of calories coming from protein

70% of calories coming from fat

This specific macro range is intended to promote ketosis and trick your body into burning more fat for energy instead of sugars. 


How to Count Macros on Keto

Living a keto lifestyle requires strict control over your macronutrients—especially carbohydrates. This can be a challenge if you are new to the concept of counting macros. But have no fear, with a little practice and nutrition know-how, you can master this skill.

Once you know your macros, the next step is to build your food choices and portions to match.

You can do this using the following:

  1. A complete keto food list
  2. A macro meal planner and portioning guide

Then it's just a matter of plug and play as you build your ultimate keto meal prep menu.
You can also attack this from the other end by tracking your macros in a keto friendly nutrition app. All you need to do is log your food choices and try to stay within your daily ranges.

Get everything you need to dial in your keto macros! Download this free guide to keto meal prep - complete with approved food lists and meal planning templates.