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The ability to customize your meal prep to match your custom macros makes Trifecta the perfect meal preparation solution for all the Body Spartan Programs.

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Choose the Keto plan, or customize for your goals with a la carte. Both options offer portions of protein, veggies and carbs in their purest form.

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Veggies and carbs are steamed or baked. Carbs and proteins are roasted or baked. All with macro-balanced seasonings, oil or fat.

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All that’s left to do is weigh to meet your macros, heat and enjoy. No cooking, cutting or clean up.

Trifecta organic meals

Effortless planning.

Let our team help you plan your meals. 



Not sure how much to order?

We’ve cut out all the challenges of weighing, portioning and cooking. Use our Body Spartan calculator to get exactly what you need.


Spend time at the gym, not the grocery store.

You’ll save time, money, quality and the environment skipping the grocery store and ordering directly from Trifecta.



Diet Success

Humans instinctively conserve energy and eat whatever is in front of them. If you fill your house with ONLY easy-to-eat premade meals, your odds of cheating on your diet are significantly lower.

Diet Failure

When you grocery shop, the average supermarket has 110,000 SKUs, meaning donuts and candy are in the same store as chicken and broccoli, tempting you to buy unhealthy foods along with healthy foods.

Accurate Food Weights

Fully cooked food like Trifecta is measured by weight after it’s cooked, so you're buying the true weight of the food vs the frozen or uncooked weight.

Misleading Food Weights

Frozen or uncooked food at a grocery store loses as much as 40-70% of its weight when cooked, so your dollar doesn’t go as far. For example, a 10 lb bag of frozen chicken defrosts to 9.5 lbs and cooks down to about 6.5 lbs.

Time Saving

Visit our website, pick a meal plan and order. The food comes directly to your door fully cooked.

Time Suck

Driving to the grocery store, shopping, waiting in line, checking out, defrosting, cooking and cleaning. Spend more time with your loved ones, lifting or working.

Less Packaging

Believe it or not, Trifecta has significantly less packaging than Grocery. We do not have case packs, shippers, and other behind-the-scenes packaging that exists in a 5-tier supply chain.

More Packaging

Tons of packaging is thrown away behind the scenes prior to presenting "retail ready" produce and other items at grocery stores.

Master Chefs

Our Head Chef is Scott Leibfried, Gordon Ramsay’s sous chef from TV's Hell’s Kitchen. His master recipes have been redesigned to be healthy and delicious, making dieting easier than ever--even with our perfectly cooked, minimally seasoned A La Carte items.

Home Chefs

Some of us are great cooks; most of us unfortunately are not. Cooking meal prep yourself can lead to rapid diet burnout, where you are eating soggy leftover chicken and broccoli everyday. And by Wednesday, you are just choking it down. Let the pros handle the cooking instead.

Menu Variety

Trifecta offers 12 different proteins >90% lean, 4 healthy carb options, and 9 RP approved veggies. That diversity makes it easier to stick to a program.

Menu Burnout

When you meal prep for yourself, you generally aren't cooking more than a few items each week. The monotony can lead to diet burnout.

Pre-Weighed Food

Protein is weighed cooked in 4oz portions and comes in 16oz or 32oz packages. Carbs also come in 16oz or 32oz packages while veggies come in 4 cup portions.

Weighing Food

You have to weigh all the food yourself and are tempted to give yourself more food than you should be eating at each meal. Which can lead to straying from the RP template and ultimately diet failure.

Fresher Food

Trifecta has a streamlined 3-stage supply chain that is very “farm to fork.” We work with farmers/ranchers/fishermen, prepare, cook and package the food ourselves, and then ship it to customers nationwide. The time from farmer to you is the fastest in the food industry.

Older Food

Grocery stores work with a 5-stage supply chain. Food goes from farmers to a co-packer, to a distributor, to a retailer and finally to you the consumer. As you can image, that process takes a lot longer than Trifecta’s 3-stage supply chain.


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