Cravings: The Do's and Dont's After a Diet

Mike Israetel, Renaissance Periodization
Mike Israetel, Renaissance Periodization

Too often after dieting, we want to consume all of those cravings we missed out on as fast as possible. When people do this they may find themselves right back where they started before they started dieting. With the help of Mike Israetel and the RP Diet we are able to know how to wisely reward ourselves for all that hard work we put in.

After a long diet of cutting we may find ourselves extremely lean. Once we are done cutting we have two of the following options:

  1. Can choose to stay lean and get used to our new body weight and body composition until a few months later our point stabilize. This makes staying lean much more manageable.

  2. Can use nutrient sensitivity to gain mass back, while also adding muscle in the process.

What many don’t know after cutting for a long time, is gaining weight back after the cutting is finished can happen much too quickly. For example, 5 lbs a week is way too fast which may result in that unwanted fat that you worked to loose. Cravings are what can help that unwanted weight creep back up on you.

Tips for Success

1. Save Your Cheat Meal For The Last Meal Of The Day

  • Make cheating fun because it will build up your excitement throughout the day.
  • Cheating during the day may make you tired and sluggish. Who wants to be tired during school, work, and training anyway?
  • Cheating at the end of the day will make it that much sweeter because you can relax while you do it.

2. Eat Higher Volumes of Low Calorie Foods Right Before You Cheat

  • Fruits and veggies are good and good for you which is why they are perfect to stuff your face with right before that much anticipated cheat meal of the day.
  • Eating low calorie foods right before you cheat may make you full, so as weird as it sounds when it comes to cheating you may not even want to.
  • If you don’t cheat and “save it for another day” this may significantly reduce calorie intake and therefore rapid weight gain.

3. Don't Drink Your Calories 

  • If you drink things that are high in calories and are not calculating that into your diet, it may make it much easier for you to take in more calories than is recommended.

  • Eat more food than you drink. It’s as simple as that.

4. Only Cheat If You Want To

  • Planning to cheat may make us committed to cheating no matter what.

  • If you’re not that hungry then save it for another time or not at all.

  • Only cheating when you want to will make cheating all the more fun and rewarding.

Dr. Mike Israetel, Renaissance Periodization

Check out Best Cheat Meals While Cutting for more info on how to have a cheat meal that isn’t going to completely derail your fitness efforts.

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