How do I set up my RSS feed in the Trifecta App?

It's easy to set up your RSS feed, you can edit, remove or add your own feed:

  • Go to More -> My Feeds.
  • To add a feed to an existing category, just open any category and tap + on the bottom right.
  • Enter a name, choose category and select if it's a website or feed, paste the URL (make sure it starts with "http://")

  • Preview the content before saving to make sure it works!
  • Hit Save on the top left.

  • To create your own category, go to More -> My Feeds and tap + on the bottom right.
  • Add feeds to you category by following the steps above, now you'll see your category on the list.

NOTE: RSS links are sometimes tricky to figure out and may vary from website to website.

Here are a few examples:


If a website doesn't have a feed, just add a link to a page you'd like to view.

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